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V.O ANETOR & CO (NNENDA CHAMBERS) is a fully fledged commercial law firm devoted to providing innovative solutions and developing precedent-setting legal strategies to achieve each individual clients’ needs.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide timely, commercially-practical and client centered solutions. The goal is to stand out from our competitors because we help our client standout from theirs. Our strength lies in our experience in diverse areas of law.

We assist our clients in analyzing the risks involved in their transactions and we constantly strive to mitigate and edge against those risks by devising or deploying different types risk management tools.

We are consistent with our approach in the services of our clients, we are always conscious to adopt cost-effective and efficient procedures for obtaining desired results.

We strive to keep pace with new initiative and belief in investment in the latest technology which we recognize as an integral part of our work.

We provide personalized services that meet the needs of each individual and cooperate clients and provide of cutting edge legal service.

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